Bilde av Push-in Container og Push-in Basket

Push-in Container og Push-in Basket

As the only one of its kind, Push-in Container can be operated by one person only. Similar products often require two to three people for the same operation.
The new innovative loading method means that the pallet truck is pushed directly in, without the elevation found on traditional containers.

The container comes in two variants, Push-in Container and Push-in Basket.
The Push-in container is a closed container and can be used offshore, and the Push-in Basket for loading and unloading at quay.
The Push-in Container is certified according to the strict standard 2,7,1 Offshore and both containers are certified for up to 2 tonn, and approved by “Det Norske Veritas.

The containers are made of solid aluminum, and are produced in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway.

PUSH-IN Container
PUSH-IN Basket